My Stamps Don't Work!

The eyeliner doesn't transfer?

If it's not transferring it could be your eyeliner. If it has a high alcohol content it will dry before getting it to your eye. What you can try is clean the tool completely and allow it to dry. Once it it dry, apply a single layer of eyeliner to your tool and allow that layer to dry for 30 seconds. After it has dried, apply a second layer of eyeliner, and stamp it on. The first coat should hold the moisture from your eyeliner for longer allowing you enough time to stamp it on. If this problem still persists you may want to try a different eyeliner.

I don't like the shape, it comes out smudged.
If it is smudging you may be pressing too hard, or have overloaded the tool with eyeliner. You only need enough eyeliner on the stamp to make it glisten. When you go to apply it, you just need a feather light touch to the skin for the eyeliner to be placed. If you're not sure what pressure to use, try practicing on the skin of your inner forearm. This will help you figure out how light of a touch you should make to the corner of your eye.
Here's what I would recommend,clean and dry your tool completely, and add on a layer of the eyeliner. Allow it to dry for 30 seconds. This is going to act like a primer and will hold moisture on the tool. After 30 seconds, add a fresh layer of eyeliner over the top, and apply as normal. Sometimes the new tools need to be primed up first. See if that helps with the transfer
When you go to apply the tool to your skin it just takes a feather light touch. You only need light contact with the skin to get the eyeliner off the tool. If it isn't transferring, try cleaning the tool completely and then apply a single layer of eyeliner. Allow that to dry on the tool for 30 seconds. This will act like a primer to help hold moisture onto the tool. After it has dried, apply a new layer of eyeliner over the top and use immediately. See if that helps
I can't get the placement right, help?!
Try aiming the tip of the wing at the end of your eyebrow or tip of your ear. By doing this, you'll be able to get your wings placed evenly. Also, make sure you're looking straight at a mirror with your eyes fully opened, and not turned to the side. Sometimes people will turn or tilt their heads and that can affect the wing placement.