What the Monat?!

I need to be straight with you Susie, can I call you Susie? (Have you seen that Friends episode?!) 

*Disclaimer! I do not sell or promote this business. I simply provided a review. Spoiler Alert: I love it! 

I am not 100% sure how to say the name of this new direct sales shampoo company.  Is it French? Is it phonetic? Either way its taking over!  And I have to applaud them.  Monatbroke through the closed window of opportunity and is killing it from what I have seen in the direct sales business selling shampoo! That is incredibly unique to me. I am one step closer to never having to leave my house! 

So, I tried one of their products.  Let me say this, I just recently started buying high end products because I with my blonde hair the cheap stuff just doesn't cut it. It's not just hair to me and I want to take care of it to maintain my color.

My hair is platinum blonde and I have two styles, straight or curly.  I am using heat with both.  As a sad result my hair is super dry.  No joke, it will stick straight up!  Its course and kinda fried. I can't recall a moment when my hair was silky soft and glowing with an amazing shine. . . Until I tried Monat's Blow Out Cream!

Ya'll, this is from an innocent, skeptical bystander. This stuff is heavenly!  My very first impression was "I don't care if this works because it smells so freaking good!" Right now my current hair product does the best job of keeping my color longer but it doesn't smell great. The smell alone was a major win for me.  After I applied the directed amount and blow dried my hair, seriously it was so soft and shiny with no frizz!  Its just flowed.  I keep running my fingers through my hair as I am writing this. I can't get over this. Monat has knocked it out of the park!  

I am aware that it is spendy in comparison to other brands. I would take into consideration how much you actually need and results that you get.  They are not joking! This stuff works. 

Again, I am not sure how to pronounce this or what "Blow Out" actually means but I am totally recommending this business. Next I plan on trying Monat's Black Shampoo. Word is its better than purple shampoo for blondes.  I will keep you posted. 

In the meantime, check out this shampoo by CLICKING HERE!

Or follow this link. . . 

If that doesn't work, copy and paste https://jwollaston.mymonat.com/.

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