Popular YouTuber comes out as TRANS!

Yesterday news broke the popular YouTuber NikkieTutorials came out as transgender. She stated in her video that she literally transitioned while on YouTube started transitioning when she was 14! Nikkie has had her channel for 11 years now but couldn’t decide on the right time to tell the world. I watched the video and one the most powerful things she said to her fans and those watching was to be careful who you share your story with until you know you are in good hands. I’ve always said that not everyone needs or deserves to know your story because not everyone knows how to process and protect that information. People can be so hurtful and in this particular case I think they were using Nikkis past and secret to blackmail her. Shame on them. All it did was fuel the fire in her to be Her! 
You can watch the video here. 
Now I have no judgement. I know that’s coming because I am a Christian. I am here to love people exactly where they are for who they are just as Jesus would. As Ellen says, Be Kind. 💙



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