My FAVORITE Cosmetics Products!



I wanted to share with you all some of my favorite cosmetics products, like stranded on an island and this is all I can take favorite products! 

1) Stila One Step, Skin Tone Correcting and Brightening Serum.

I bought this about 7 months ago and its just now running about which breaks my heart because I am so in love with this stuff. I apply it after my moisturizer before my foundation. It helps to even out my skin tone by correcting any color imperfections that I have.  I purchased it from my best friend, Amazon Prime for $36. Its a bit pricey but again, I have used it for over 7 months so its lasted a long time. It also eliminated the need for using several products because its basically an all in one, color correcter, primer and a moisturizer. 

2) Y'all, this mascara. I LOVE IT! I have used the same mascara since I was in high school but I bought this just to try and there is no going back! Its so inexpensive ($4) and it really does what it claims gives you extra volume.  It does have fibers but they are mixed well so they stick to the lashes to actually give you length and volume without falling off into your eyes. I recommend this mascara to anyone! 

3) I know you have seen this foundation all over Facebook. I caved and purchased some. It is now my go to foundation! The trick is to use a tiny, tiny bit but it gives the best full coverage that I have ever had from a foundation. The best part it lasts forever and doesn't move. I apply my foundation with a dry makeup sponge, don't use a wet sponge because the makeup it waterproof so it won't blend. Its my all time fav. However, please purchase from Amazon or the Demracol website or else you will get a knock off brand. 

4) And last but not least is Wings Cosmetics new Classic 2.0 Stamp!
I adore our new, easy to use design and timeless Classic look for an everyday wear. Plus it works with gel liner and that is just a heaven sent plus for those of us in the Texas heat!

There you have it, my favorite cosmetics products all of which can be purchased from my bestie, Amazon Prime. 



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