Megan tries Magnetic Lashes

I have to be honest, I bought these magnetic lashes from One Two Cosmetics the minute I seen them.  I thought they were genius! I loved the idea that these lashes would save an enormous amount of time for me. My only concern before using them was the possibility of ripping lashes out when I removed them. After giving them a go I really, really like them! I love how they give my lashes a winged effect in literally seconds. They were a bit difficult to handle but that's only because you are working with a small strip of lashes. Once I got used to them applying the magnetic lashes it was extremely easy. Back to my fear of ripping lashes out when I took them off, I didn't notice anything. I pulled them right off and it was gentle without taking any lashes with it. I literally didn't even feel anything when I removed them. Yay! I will certainly be wearing these again! I believe I paid around $60 for 2 sets from One Two Cosmetics. 

Get them HERE!

Or HERE to see me use the lashes with ombre winged liner!

I know you can get them cheaper but I honestly wouldn't risk buying knockoffs when this is going so close to your eye. And after doing some research on lash fills, extensions and such, $60 seems totally reasonable.


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