Introducing our *NEW* Classic 2.0 Stamp!

My team and I are so excited to announce the release of our Classic 2.0 Stamp! We have redesigned our Classic Stamp to help you get the Perfect wing in Seconds for any eye shape. The new stamp is packed with some exciting features making this one of a kind stamp a must have for any makeup bag! 


First, we heard your call and we made the handle longer for easier application. 

Second, we tapered off the guide for precise placement for each matching wings. Now you can simple line the guide right above your lash liner on each eye and stamp. 

Third, you can now use the whole tool or use the wing! This is amazing for those of us that struggle to apply liner across the lid. 

Last and probably the best feature of all, the new Classic 2.0 Stamp is actually two stamps in one! That's right, you have the Classic Wing or you can flip the tool and you have a smaller more delicate wing for every day wear.


And not to mention, the New Classic 2.0 Stamp works for hooded eyes! 

You can order yours today @!


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