I used Coconut Oil for a week. . .

A few weeks ago my team and I decided to test gel liners with our new Classic Wing Stamp.  The results were amazing and flawless with gel liner! The only problem was I couldn't get it off. I had just ran out of my amazing makeup remover wipes from Costco.  My next option was baby wipes because I'm a mom and those things are life.  Well that didn't work. Regular liquid makeup remover and a good ole cotton ball didn't work either.  I was sitting on the couch and I remembered I had a jar of coconut oil just sitting in my cuboard. Now I'm not a crunchy person by any means, I can't even remember why I bought this. However, I do have friends that swear coconut oil will cure anything from dry skin to a broken heart. I thought, "Hey, let's try this. I literally have one wing on, I'm desperate." Welll this stuff is amazing!!! It got that gel liner off no problem. I was already committed at this point so I decided to remove all my makeup with the coconut oil then I decided to do an experiment. Does coconut oil live up to the hype?! 

I used this jar of coconut oil to remove my makeup for a whole week.  I will be honest, I did not love the extra oily feel of it but I stuck with it.  I used unfortunately a whole lot of cotton pads though. I removed all my makeup and continued with me nightly skin care routine.   I remove my makeup, apply a thin layer of my prescription acne medication and then my Clean and Clear Moisturizer. (I love this stuff. It has a minty effect that is so relaxing)! 

I felt like my skin was loving the extra moisturizion. I believe skin care is so important and you can never start to early. Toward the end of the week my skin did start to break out. Any time you add a new product your skin needs a bit of time to adjust to I knew that was normal. It cleared up after just a few days. 

Overall, I love how my skin looks and feels after using the coconut oil as a makeup remover and a moisturizer.  Being that I haven't been to Costco to buy new makeup remover wipes I think I'm going to have to stick with it. And if you are looking for a gel liner that lasts through anything I can hook you up! 


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