I have something to say about the Vamp Stamp

I am not sure how to even start this so I will just jump right in with it.  I AM PISSED! I am aware that I have competition.  Its the marketplace, that is to be expected and encouraged because it gives you, the consumer, options.  In my eyes, my Wings Cosmetics Eyeliner Stamp from wingedeyes.com and The Vamp Stamp have two very different results. I don't have a mean thing to say about the product or creator because that's not who I am.  However, we have the same mission, to give everyone the opportunity to look and feel beautiful regardless of method. Here is why I am furious. It makes me sick to my stomach to see that low life, slim balls have knocked off her stamp left and right! Unfortunately, as of this morning, they have knocked off mine as well and are selling both for pennies. I am often tagged in these BS ads that are selling these knockoff products, using stolen images/videos and I am blunt to call them out for what they really are. I flat out say "These are knockoffs of the original, DO NOT BUY, please purchase from The Vamp Stamp website". If you are going to buy the product buy the real product!!! It's disgusting that our hard work and creations are stolen right out from underneath us and they are profiting. I know that between the both of us we have created jobs, giving some life to the dying postal system but most importantly we have given confidence and empowered women across the globe with our business. I can say for certainty its because we care about you that we do what we do. When you buy from these shady website to save a buck you are stabbing American businesses, small businesses, in the back. You are supporting thieves who are most likely violating labor laws. If they stole the product what makes you think they will be honest about the quality and ingredients?! I will continue to defend and support my competition in this fight. It is my hope that you think twice about where you are spending your money. And please speak up when you see these website and social media pages selling fake products!



Hi Megan wanted to leave feedback! Loved your product and once I had got the hang of it can get wings in the right place made it so much easier especially as Im not a pro at makeup! I’ve worn wings lots now as it’s not hard with this product. I have a picture if you wanted to put it on your website! Thanks Pasha.

Taffy Ragan

I knew you were strong and had built in fire, but this is blazing hot! So proud of you Megan!

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