Customer Rated Setting Sprays!

A few month back I was in the market for a new setting spray, which I decided has the power to make any makeup skill look flawless! I reached out to my amazing fans and asked which setting spray they loved the most.  Here is a list of the top 5 Customer Rated Setting Sprays!

#5 NYX Matte Setting Spray Or NYX Dewy Setting Spray

#4 Mac Prep and Prime

#3 Younique Setting Spray

#2 Two Faced Hangover 

#1 Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray.

This is the setting spray I ended up going with just because I walked into Ulta for some eyeliner, seen it sitting right in front of me, remembered that I needed it and the rest is history.  I will say I LOVE THIS STUFF! No wonder my fans were raving about it. It makes my makeup last all dang day. And I live in Texas. Normally my makeup is melting off my face with the crazy weather and I look like I just jumped off the hot mess express. Not with this stuff! It works wonders. I love that it takes away the powdery finish because I hate that. I also love that it evens and blends my foundation and bronzer magically that I use. Amazing stuff and I highly recommend it. 

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