5 Ways to get a Summer Glow without the Damage!

Finally! Summer is here. Raise your hands if you love the 100 degree weather, ice tea and sun kissed skin! But are you worried about skin cancer and sun damage? Skin cancer is no joke and not worth the risk. Did you know that every time you get in a tanning bed your risk for skin cancer increased by 75%? And your chances of developing melanoma doubles if you have had more than 5 sunburns! Skip the risk our 5 ways to get a Summer Glow without the Damage.

1) Drink more water! I know water is boring but this is crucial for younger looking skin. Your skin will thank you 50 years from now. If Jennifer Aniston can drink water and have amazing skin then so can we! Green tea another great option! With its anti aging and skin clearing benefits you can't lose with Green Tea. It also reduces puffy eyes and dark circles and as a bonus Green tea acts as a skin toner. So drink up!

2) For dewy, "I just jogged back from the beach in three digit weather", glistening skin try face oils, liquid luminizers or highlighters. These will leave your skin moisturized with a slight shimmer without the sun damage but giving you all the credit.

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 3) This is an easy one but there is always Bronzer! I am a sucker for bronzer. I love to use it to contour with for a light sun kissed, natural glow all year long. Apply it under cheekbones and around your forehead. You can use a powder, liquid or cream. I prefer powder. Just remember to use a setting spray to keep that glow in place all day long. For an extra touch use your bronzer on your collar bone and your shoulders! 

4) Tinted moisturizer, CC Creams, & BB Creams! You can find all of these in a variety of shades just for you. They will cut down the amount of product you use during the summer in the dirt, sweat and heat without sacrificing the sun tanned look. The real beauty is the 2 in 1 product, a summer glow and a moisturizer all in one product!

5) Last but not least: Spray Tans! Just don't be a Ross. Count "mississippi-less"!





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