5 Summer Makeup Tips

5 Makeup Tips for Summer!

  • Less is more! This is especially true during the summer heat when you want to look and feel fresh without having to constantly touch up your melting makeup.


  • Use a lip stain instead of a lipstick or lip gloss for 3 reasons: You won’t have to reapply a lip stain between ice tea sips and hot dog BBQs. Lipsticks and glosses tend to feel heavier which can be annoying in the heat of summer.  Last, your hair doesn’t stick to your lips with a lip stain! Enough said.



  • Blotting Paper, a heaven sent product for me personally. If you have oily or shiny skin this is a must have during the hot summer season! Blotting paper will remove excess oil and shine without removing your makeup and it keeps your from applying extra product. You don’t have to use a blotting paper, a tissue or napkin will do the trick as well.
  • Primer & setting spray! By adding a primer to your makeup routine before you apply your foundation or a base will ensure what product you do use will stay in place


  • Stay away from wax based products such as eyeliner and eyebrow pencils simply because these products will melt from your face in 90 degree weather!


  • Freebie: As always, remember to wash your face and remove your makeup before going to bed. With summer comes heat, dirt, sweat and food that tends to break our skin out.  You can help avoid this by properly cleansing and cleaning your skin every night. Some of our favorite products include a Miceller water that removed makeup and cleanses without rinsing and makeup remover wipes from Costco!


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