My 5 Favorite Eyeliners by Wings Cosmetics

Here at Wings Cosmetics we are always testing new liners. One of the amazing benefits of our winged eyeliner stamps is you are not limited to one liner. You have the option to use just about anything liquid and even some gel liners.  We try to test them out first so we can keep a running list of recommendations for you.  Here is a list of my 5 favorite eyeliners that I personally use! There are both high end and drug store brands for any budget. 

#1: Revlon Color Stay Felt Tip Liner.

What I love about this liner is is super pigmented and not watery at all! For me its lasted quite awhile too. This is my favorite liner right now especially with my stamps. 

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Watch me use it here with my winged eyeliner stamp by Wings Cosmetics.


#2: Urban Decay Perverison Liner! 

Ladies if you want an amazing liner that is waterproof and smudge proof this is it. Oh and its vegan which is a huge plus. 

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Watch me use it here with my winged eyeliner stamp by Wings Cosmetics.

#3: Kat Von D Ink Liner

I love her liners! I would say this is similar to Revlon Color Stay in my opinion but on the higher end with benefits only Kat can give. And this stuff is no joke. For me it stays put all day and doesn't bleed! I love it. 

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#4:  Maybelline Master Graphics or Master Precise

Ok, these liners are on the top of my list for a few reasons. They are the liners we literally launched the stamps with! I sent my husband to the store to buy liner to test with our stamps and this is what he came home with. It worked amazing! Its inexpensive and basically lasts forever. You can literally grab it anywhere. Online, makeup store, grocery store. Its not hard to miss. 

#5: Younique MoodStruck Liquid Liner: 

Disclaimer: I do not sell this! I just love supporting my direct sales women and moms. I decided to test this liner when it first came out with my stamps and I adore it! Its smudge proof which is awesome. For me its not too watery which is a big deal. Plus it transfers so well with my winged eyeliner stamps. I also love their Dip n Draw liners because the colors are just brilliant. I love the blue and maroon liners. 

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Technically this is not a liner but its one of my all time favorite products to use alone or with my stamps! Another disclaimer: I do not sell it! I do very much love it. 

Drum roll. . . . 

ShadowSense by Sengenece!

This stuff is legit! First, the color options are just endless. You can customize any look and stand out. You are not stuck with the same old black liner. It works so well with my winged eyeliner stamps, stays put, is water proof and smudge proof. It has a silky and creamy formula and didn't irritate my eyes or skin, basically butter for my eyes. Totally worth every single penny and I highly recommend it! 

Get It Here:

Watch me use it with my winged eyeliner stamps by Wings Cosmetics.

So there you go, my 5 or 6 favorite eyeliners! 

Enjoy! And you can get your own Winged Eyeliner Stamp from 

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