3 Ways to Clean Your Makeup Brushes Naturally and Chemical Free!

I recently just hopped on board with this chemical free lifestyle and here is why. I have extremely sensitive skin and no matter what I used to wash my face for example or remove makeup, I had an allergic reaction too. Also, strong smells from sprays, cleaners, perfumes and so on give me major migraines. I was stuck between my face being swollen so bad or my head pounding so hard I was sick to my stomach. I went on a mission to swap everything I use to a more natural solution. One area I thought we could all benefit from is something natural to clean makeup brushes with.  So here are 3 natural and chemical free ways to clean your makeup brushes! 

#1 Essential Oils

A cup of warm water and a few drops of any of these EO's listed will not only clean your brushes but disinfect them! 



#2 Coconut Oil

I use coconut oil for everything! My favorite way to use coconut oil is to remove my makeup. Seriously my skin has has never looked or felt better. Hands down the best thing I have done for my skin. So why not use it to clean my brushes?! I just dip my brushes in the coconut oil, enough to get a little on the brushes. The I run them under warm water until the water is clean. 

#3 Charcoal Bar

Charcoal is amazing! Use it to whiten your teeth, clean your body and pull the blackheads from your face! You can also use it to clean your makeup brushes. Buy a bar, run some warm water and wash those brushes!

Get some from Lush! 

So there you go, 3 ways to naturally clean your brushes without chemicals! 

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