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Wings Cosmetics

The original winged eyeliner stamp designed to apply sharp, matching, eyeliner wings in just seconds regardless of skill or eye shape!

How it Works!

Winged Eyeliner Stamp

Available @Walmart!

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"Yes they are amazing and perfect for the mommy in a hurry type days. I love mine."


"Love this product completely obsessed."


"I love love love my wing stamp. No more struggles to get them even. I literally tell everyone to buy this!"


"This makes applying eyeliners o much simpler& twice as fast! & you don't have to worry about it being uneven on either side."


 I have never been able to do cat eyes or wings in my life (like ever)!! I just got my wings in the mail the other day & I tried them for the very first time just now and MY EYES LOOK AMAZING!! Basically gonna have winged eyeliner everyday for the rest of my life! I can't believe its really as easy as it looks and it looks completely flawless even for people who are completely makeup challanged. Thank you Wings Cosmetics!


Our Beauiful Customers

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